Let’s make history.

What is this campaign really about?

Our political system is stuck. Whichever party is in charge, the Government cannot sort out our problems or deliver their promises because they have to follow EU rules. If we want things to change we must take back control.

This vote is about whether the British public are able to choose the people who make their laws and spend their money.

If we vote to stay, we are voting to continue being ruled by people we cannot chuck out. We will keep losing control and money. Our children and grandchildren will find it harder to buy a house, to get their kids into a good school, to get a GP appointment, and they’ll be paying for the bailouts of the euro.

If we vote leave, it will be a glorious strengthening of our democracy.

We will take back control of our laws.

We will take back control of our money - our official EU bill is £350 million every week. We'll be able to spend our money on the public's priorities, particularly public services.

We will take back control of migration policy. Migration brings many benefits but we have lost democratic control. This is even more dangerous because there are five more countries in the queue to join. If we Vote Leave, we can introduce a humane and fair points-based system that does not discriminate against people based on the country they live in. The public will again be able to control migration policy at elections. Extremists will be neutralised and politics will be healthier.

The IN campaign has nothing to offer except threats and talking down Britain. They've spent month after month saying Britain is too weak to take back control. They’ve even claimed that a Leave vote will mean World War Three. They've given up on the EU improving. They admit it's rubbish but say we have to sacrifice democracy for trade.

This is defeatist and wrong. This referendum is not a choice between democracy and trade. Countries around the world trade with the EU without giving away control over their own laws.

Britain is a great country. We will be even greater if we take back control of our own democracy.

Finally, when you are talking to people - please reassure them that after we Vote Leave, there won't be a sudden change that disrupts the economy. The day after the referendum, nothing changes legally. We will talk to our friends in Europe and discuss the best way to agree a new UK-EU relationship. We won’t rush into it. When we do make changes we will make them carefully.

We may have to wait another forty years to get another vote. Imagine how much could go wrong by then. Britain is all about fairness. We believe that Britain will be a fairer country if we vote leave tomorrow.

If you're on our side, then please talk to someone you know and persuade them to vote for us. Download our app - it will save you time and will simply text the friends and family you choose, asking them to Vote Leave.

Please share this message, together we can change history tomorrow!

Best wishes

Michael Gove
Boris Johnson
Gisela Stuart

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